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Rains in the ArkLaTex leave behind potential hazards

Now that the rain is working its way out of the ArkLaTex, its leaving behind some hazards to think about.

Rain water runoff can mix with all sorts of chemicals, bacteria and debris from the roads and ground. Any open cuts or scrapes exposed to that bacteria can lead to infections from the rainwater. Heavy rain also carries the chance of backing up septic tanks affecting the sewer systems and adding to the potentially hazardous stew.

Ways to protect yourself during and after the rain:

  • Wear proper rain gear – rain boots
  • Make sure no open wounds are exposed
  • Wash up after being outside

Officials with the Department of Environmental Quality also suggest that you avoid any standing water once the rain moves out.

You should also keep a closer eye on your pets after the rain. Veterinarians say heavy rain and flooding means your pets are more likely to be exposed to insects like fleas and ticks which can carry diseases.

  • Make sure pets don't drink any of the runoff rain water
  • If your pet does become sick after a storm, it's best to take them to a vet immediately

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