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Sand bags used to hold back possible flood

Going to get a little wet," said Don Guiden as he slipped on some rubber boots outside of his mom's house on East 74th Street.

For Don, it's better that he get a little wet rather than the inside of his mom's house. So he brought a truckload of sandbags to combat the 3 to 5 inches of rain expected to fall in the Ark-La-Tex.

"She called me. I was off today so she told me to go get some sand bags, so you just get them and go," said Don.

And for the Guidens the threat of flooding is very real. It's happened in this neighborhood before, and by Wednesday morning water was already pooling in the backyard.

"Whatever happens is going to happen, we just do the best we can," said Don's mom, Ophelia.

The sandbags are provided by the city of Shreveport, free of charge.

"It's real good, they prepare early for it, when these things are going to be bad they have enough men on hand to take care of it," said Don.

With just a few of them strategically placed at the back door, Don and his mom believe this time, flooding can be averted.

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