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Bossier schools practice lock down


Students at Elm Grove Middle School knew exactly what to do when a lock down drill was announced Wednesday morning. They went from chatting with friends to silent under their desks in a matter of seconds.

"We have to be really quiet and to make sure we get down so no one gets hurt," said student, Trace Schmid.

All Bossier schools do a lock down drill every semester, but in the wake of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, this one felt a little different.

"We're all more cautious of security. The other administrators and I have walked the school and thought, hmmm is there something else we could do?" said Principal Terrie Johnson.

During the drill teachers lock the doors, shut the blinds and turn out the lights while kids crouch under their desk so no one can be seen. They also slip a green sheet of paper under their door to show their class is ok. If there was danger, they would put a red sheet under their door. Each school also has a direct radio to the sheriff's office and police department.

"Drills are so important so that everyone knows what their roll is should we have an emergency and students know what to do," said Johnson.

The only people in the halls during the drill were school resource officers. Each middle and high school in Bossier Parish has an SRO. Elementary schools do not, but there has been talk about if they should.

Every middle and high school in Bossier Parish participated in a lock down drill Wednesday. On Thursday evening the Bossier Schools Director of Security will give an update to the school board.

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