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Dec. 31st: KSLA News 12 Flu Season Editorial

Flu season is off to a strong start in Louisiana. We are one of five states seeing higher-than-normal cases of flu, an uptick the Centers for Disease control says typically doesn't happen until January.

That's why state health officials are encouraging everyone to "Fight the Flu". We think it's good advice.

The easiest and most effective way to protect against the flu is to get the vaccine, which health officials say is highly effective. Parents make sure your children get the flu shot, as nearly 30 percent of all school-aged children get sick from the virus each year.

For more on precautions you can take and to see your level of risk, go to the website on your screen. And, remember, it's not too late to get the vaccine that can help keep you and your family healthy this flu season.

I'm James Smith.

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