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Security measures discussed for White Oak schools

Teachers, law enforcement, and parents met at an East Texas school district to discuss how they can make the campus safer in the wake of Newtown. From law enforcement to , teachers to parents, White Oak ISD wanted to hear school security concerns from all sides.

"Go over the procedures we have in place, talk about the procedures we're monitoring, we're going to look at the security on campuses as well as the balance of providing a good education for our students and the security that's in place," says White Oak ISD Superintendent Mike Gilbert.

"What they're going to do as far as talking and meeting about it will give me piece of mind," says parent Minnette Langley.

The district already strictly monitors who comes and goes on its campuses, and has strict drivers license identification of every adult. What prompted this meeting were the events of Sandy Hook, and what could be done to stop it from ever happening again.

"Our schools are going to do what they can. We're going to work together this is a deal we need to work tog ether for. Protect our kids, that's our number one goal," says White Oak Mayor Rick May.

New measures could include devices to lock down doors, and possible on campus armed law enforcement.

"Safety of our students is number one. There's evil in the world , thing happen, but we can't let that be the explanation , we're going to do all we can," Gilbert says.

Over a hundred people attended this meeting, and the district will hold another meeting in the future to discuss more security measures at white oak schools.

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