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Family looking for answers after fatal fire


The family of a Shreveport man is calling ‘foul play' after a fire kills 51 year Greg Mills.

Thursday night a fire broke out at his home in the 600 block of 83rd street in Shreveport's Cedar Grove neighborhood. According to Fire Officials, the fire started in the living room of the home.

The family says that Greg's body was found near the front window where he died trying to escape the flames.

"I have a problem understanding how a fire would blaze through the house in two minutes like that and burn him up to the point where he can't break that window like that," says Greg's oldest sister Deborah Mills.

The fire would start again early Friday morning, destroying most of the home.

Deborah, along with other family members suspect ‘foul play' could have been an contributing factor into the death of Greg Mills.

"It is more important to me than life itself. That is a horrible way to go. No one should have to go like that," says Deborah Mills.

Family says Greg was at a casino the night of his death and won several hundred dollars, and that money is not accounted for. Deborah says she would like a thorough investigation into the death of her brother.

Fire Officials say this fire is still under investigation, but is not being looked at as having any criminal implications at this point.

This fire marks the 7th deadly fire in Shreveport since 2009.

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