Is the Elio safe?

Is the Elio safe?

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The latest trike coming to the market may be the Elio. The owner of the company, along with local dignitaries, unveiled a prototype at Thursday's news conference in Shreveport. But is the three wheeled vehicle safe to drive?

The vehicle is not a car, and not a motorcycle, but is categorized in a subcategory of vehicles called trikes. The Elio can reportedly get anywhere from 65 to 80 miles per gallon of gas, but this vehicle is still being tested for safety approval.

"You cannot roll this over on level ground. So it's less tippy than a mini-van or a jeep or any other high profile vehicle," says Elio Motors, LLC owner Paul Elio.

The vehicle does have seatbelt restraints in both the back and front seats, and is equipped with three airbags.

The Elio has only been crash tested privately by the company and another outside agency.

"When we were comfortable with it we gave it to the second airbag supplier in the world, they ran the simulations at their place and they believe it will be 5-star all around, says Elio.

But to get a 5-star rating the Elio must pass crash testing from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Production on the vehicles is expected to begin in mid-2014, and jobs with the company could be available by 2015.

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