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Physicians fear this flu season could be the worst


Health experts are anticipating this 'flu season to be the worst in 10 years. 
Local health experts  say that they have seen an increase in the number of 'flu cases so far.

North East Texas Health experts say they don't know at this time what is making this 'flu season worse then others, but it could be a new strain of 'flu going around that the CDC did not predict.

"There is a possibility of a different strain going. I know that the vaccine that we have contains three of them and I know that those particular ones have been circulating. So, we have that one. So it's important that we still get the 'flu vaccine. No matter even if the 'flu activity is increasing, it's still time to get that 'flu vaccine," Sylvia Warren, supervisor at NET Health, said.

The North East Texas Health District said they will know how severe numbers are around the end of February.

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