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I-Team: Gonzales councilman accused of theft


A new Gonzales City councilman sworn in on Wednesday will soon have a date in court.  First-term Councilman Timothy Vessel is accused of stealing electricity from his neighbor at a trailer park in Gonzales.

In his inaugural address, Vessel made a promise for his city.

"I'm looking to move Gonzales in a positive direction, and I'm looking for everyone. If you have a problem, call me, and I'd be willing to solve it," said Vessel.

Police said Vessel is accused of stealing electricity from his neighbor at the Vesta Trailer Park in Gonzales around November 30th.

Police said they found an orange extension cord illegally running from Vessel's trailer to the neighbor. That neighbor later decided to press charges, taking the matter to the Gonzales Police Department. The I-Team tried asking Vessel about the alleged incident.

"Did you use your neighbor's electricity?" asked WAFB's Kiran Chawla.

"I would rather you talk to my attorney, Andre Gauthier, for the information dealing with that," said Vessel.

"Do you have anything to say?" asked Chawla.

"No ma'am," said Vessel.

"You were arrested for that incident," said Chawla.

"No," replied Vessel.

"No?" asked Chawla.

"I would rather you talk to my attorney about that," said Vessel.

"Because you talked about leading Gonzales in a positive direction..." said Chawla.

"I would talk to Gauthier about that," said Vessel.

Gonzales Police Chief Sherman Jackson said he is aware of the incident and his department has taken the appropriate action.

"He was charged with theft," said Chief Jackson.

Chief Jackson said after the neighbor pressed charges, Vessel was called in and issued a misdemeanor summons with a court date. In regards to Chawla's question of whether Vessel was arrested or not...

"Same thing. Summons is under arrest also," said Chief Jackson.

Vessel has been charged with one count of theft of utility services and is awaiting his court date.

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