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Partners in crime (fighting) reunite after K-9's surgery

Dingo returns home this week. Dingo returns home this week.

A crime-fighting K-9 is recovering Wednesday from major surgery on his torn ACL.

If it weren't for a few generous people in the community, Dingo may never have worked again.

As soon as he's back on all fours, the City of Hallsville will be safer. Dingo is a police dog, but his time on the force could have been cut short were it not for the surgery to fix his torn ACL.

"It's a pretty common injury for dogs who are real active and dogs that are working really hard," says Dr. Jay Anderson of Marshall Animal Hospital.

The surgery to fix a torn ACL isn't cheap. Hallsville Police didn't have the funds to pay for the operation, so his handler called on the community for help. And they came through.

"It just shows that our community and East Texas are pro-police, and they like their police. It's just been a blessing," says Dingo's handler Derek Phillips.

Derek and Dingo have been working together for a year and a half. KSLA's cameras were rolling as the pair got to see each other for the first time since Dingo went under the knife. It's not hard to see how much these partners in crime stopping care about each other.

"We do everything together. He's with me 24/7, even on my days off," Phillips says.

Anderson says Dingo's recovery "is very smooth. I expect him to make a really, really good recovery. It will make Dingo able to work and to run and to have a long career. He'll do fine."

Dingo should be able to go home on Thursday.

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