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Losing weight in 2013

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Losing weight is at the top of the list for New Year's Resolutions, but how many people will stay with it. Local fitness experts give some helpful advice to help you reach your goals.

Managers with Anytime Fitness in Shreveport say the number of memberships skyrocket in January, but by March many people stop coming to the gym.

"They start slacking off after a few months," says trainer Paul Rushing. The reason why, Rushing says many people have unrealistic fitness goals.

Tips to help you stick to your fitness plan,

• Keep short term and long term fitness goals
• Find a fitness buddy
• Keep track of your calorie intake
• Be patient
• Use phone apps to track your progress

"You come before your day gets busy then it will help you throughout your day to make better eating choices, you'll eat better throughout the day, you'll eat better at night" says Personal trainer Heather Binyon. She suggests sticking to a set work out schedule.

According to the Center for Disease Control people who don't work out have a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, and some cancers.

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