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Better East Texas: Happy New Year

This is the time of year when resolutions enter just about everyone's mind.  Typically we think of ways to improve ourselves.  I certainly have my "work out" resolution and an "eat better" resolution in motion but I also have the remembrance resolution.  In that I remember what it used to be like in our country.  It was a time before we set the alarms on our homes or even had a deadbolt on the front door, a time when we did not have a key fob for our cars with a panic button, a time before cell phones that could dial police  in a panic situation, a time before metal detectors around every corner, a time before key pads were in place to keep the unwanted and uninvited out of buildings, a time before we worried about guns at our children's schools.  It was a different time, no doubt, but it seems that the more knowledge we garner and the more technology we develop, the more afraid and uncertain we have become.  We can't go back to those simpler times but we can instill a sense of security in our families that can lead to less stress and more peace.  This is a time of year when we should all pause and pledge to make two-thousand and thirteen the year of our family and just maybe, we will discover a simpler and yet more elegant part of those around us and ourselves.  Happy New Year east Texas, make it better in twenty-thirteen.

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