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I-Bowl update: Ohio player inspired by sibling shot 10 times

Ohio Bobcats player Corey Hastings Ohio Bobcats player Corey Hastings
Scott Hastings Scott Hastings

This week is all about the Independence Bowl and the teams. But a player for one team, the Ohio Bobcats, has had a year like no other.

Corey Hastings is a defensive lineman for the Bobcats. Scotty Hastings is in the Army.

On April 21, 2011, the Hastings family got the call that no family wants: Corey's brother had been shot 10 times.

"He was searching behind the wall and everything and then, out of nowhere, someone popped out like 10 feet away from him and made eye contact for like three or four seconds, and then just started shooting at him," Corey Hastings says, describing the incident.

"He probably fired 30 bullets, and 10 of them hit him. It was him and some other guy in there, and both of them got shot."

Corey Hastings says that he and his brother, Scotty, have always been competitive. Scotty is about two years older than Corey, which is how the brother played on different baseball and basketball teams against each other.

"He's always looked out for me," Corey Hastings says. "He's always been the person that taught me right from wrong and kinda how to act towards different situations. But the biggest thing is that he's always been there for me when I needed him. And I really appreciate everything he's done for me."

Corey Hastings says his brother's experience has inspired him.

"I've got to continue an go even if I'm tire or what not. Or if I have a bad play, I'll just be down on myself and then just look down and be like, my brother's been shot before and he bounced back, so I think I can bounce back after missing the tackle or something."

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