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Getting ready for winter weather


Whether you are staying at home or traveling this Christmas, we have some advice to deal with the possible winter weather headed to the Ark-La-Tex.

As the temperatures drop, so could your tire pressure. Car experts say this can cause problems, like a flat tire, if you don't add a little air. You also get better gas mileage when you're tire pressure is at the right level.

Also check your car battery and anti-freeze.

"If it's not to the right temperature, freeze point, the mixture of water and antifreeze could possibly freeze up, so you always have to check that," said Time-It Lube manager Anthony Pugh.

If it does start to rain, snow, or ice do not use cruise control. It can cause drivers to lose control of the car and wreck.

In addition to your car, you can also get your home ready for the colder temperatures.

"What you want to do is protect your exterior hose bibs and stuff like that from freezing, so you've got the freeze protectors," said an employee for Lowe's.

You can buy foam covers at the hardware store to wrap your pipes so they don't burst, or you could use towels or newspaper.

Weather strips for your windows and doors can also help keep drafty cold wind out of your home which can mean money saved on winter utility bills.

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