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Gun sales spike after mass shooting


Since the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut local gun shops have seen a drastic spike in gun and ammo sales.

The Cash in a Flash Pawn Shop in Shreveport has seen an increase in the sale of guns, including assault weapons.

"We do have some of the assault rifles in stock, but they are flying off the shelves," says Owner Allan Matthews.

The store has gone from selling around 5 guns a day to more than 60 a day since the shooting.

Matthews says customers are concerned about possible bans on the military type weapons.

President Obama, and some members of congress are now pushing for a ban on military style assault weapons and the sale of high capacity ammunition clips. The President released a video statement and petition on the White House website.

"We get a lot of people buying guns, but we get a lot of people getting a lot of lessons," says Paul Murray, owner of Shooter USA in Bossier City.

The gun range has seen more people asking for safety lessons and signing up for concealed weapons permit courses.

"With the sad story up in Connecticut, people are more..i don't want to say afraid, but they are being more aware," says Murray.

Possible stricter gun legislation is expected to be introduced to congress after January 1st.
The head of the National Rifle Association made a statement in response to the shooting in Connecticut saying that limiting the sale of weapons isn't the answer.
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