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Convicted triple killer now free man, new trial possible

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An Ark-La-Tex man is now walking the streets a free man, and promised a new trial, after a recent ruling overturned his capital murder conviction. It involves the case of Kenneth Wayne Boyd, Junior who was convicted in the murder of three people, in a brutal crime that took place 15-years ago. Prosecutors must now decide whether there's enough evidence for a new trial against Boyd.

It was back in 1999 that Kenneth Wayne Boyd was whisked away by Shelby County deputies after his life sentence was handed down. It came nearly two years after the murders of Brian Brooks, Percy Moore and a sleeping 13-year-old Christy Calhoun in 1997 in Center, Texas.

Boyd had always maintained his innocence and even passed a lie detector test. Even during the original trial, family members talked about the lies during each break. Jenna Moore, a victim's relative, told a news crew with our Raycom sister station KLTV during the trial, "I just wish people would tell the truth. a lot of people are just lying. they're not being truthful."

But, it would take 13 years and one failed appeal, before a district judge last summer ruled in Boyd's favor in another appeal, citing the use of jail house snitches high on crack, lying witnesses, and suppressed evidence on the part of then-Shelby County, Texas District Attorney Karren Price.

Private investigator Rick Turner, appointed by the court to re-investigate the case, told KSLA News 12 this past summer, "The evidence shows that there was conspiracy, we believe, to frame these gentlemen."

And in a ruling this past summer (2012), District Judge Charles Mitchell requested that Boyd's conviction and sentence be vacated and that a new trial be ordered. In November, a Texas appeals court agreed ultimately leading to Boyd's release just before Thanksgiving.

Back in the summer, before then-acting Shelby County District Attorney Kenneth Florence won the job outright, he told a KLTV news crew that Boyd's release could trigger more action on Boyd's behalf: "Mr. Boyd will likely be released from prison and will likely be entitled to over $1.2 million in compensation, as well as an annuity based on that amount."

Many of the same issues that eventually freed Boyd were raised in a successful appeal by his one-time co-defendant Rodney Moore. His defense attorney at the time, Joe Bailey told KLTV back then, "The (district) attorney's office stonewalled us all the way." The Innocence Project assisted in seeing Rodney Moore's conviction and life sentence were thrown out in 2000.

Now the question becomes will prosecutors have any evidence left to pursue a new case against Kenneth Wayne Boyd? Or, will they pursue a new suspect, now 15 years after a cold-blooded triple murder.

As for Boyd, he is now free on what's called a 'personal recognizance bond.' Meanwhile, the investigation into the triple murder has been re-opened by the Center, Texas Police Department. We'll keep you updated with the latest on that case.

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