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Tree falls on Shreveport home


When Jerry Nelson woke up on he was surprised to find his Christmas tree wasn't the only tree in his house on Pine Grove Street in Shreveport.

"Evidently the wind blew it over or something," said Nelson.

 A huge limb lays over the whole length of his house, with branches even making their way inside and poking through the ceiling in the spare bed room. Nelson says they didn't even hear the tree fall on their roof over night, so it was quite a surprise when they woke up in the morning.

"I said uh oh. Thank you Lord it didn't fall on us," said Nelson.

Nelson and his wife have lived in the house for 54 years. Despite the head ache of having to get everything fixed he's managed to keep a positive attitude.

"We just thank the Lord that no one was injured," he said.

Nelson thinks one reason he is able to keep a positive attitude is that he does have insurance, and he's confident that will pay for all of the repairs.

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