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Adam Lanza underwent psych evaluations in years past


As investigators continue to search for answers into last week's deadly mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, students and families in Newtown are trying to return to some normalcy.

Sources said Adam Lanza smashed parts of his computer, and investigators have been working on trying to salvage what they can.

So far, they said nothing has been found.

Eyewitness also learned Adam Lanza shot his mother, Nancy Lanza, four times at their home while she was likely sleeping in bed. He then packed up his mother's car with guns and made his way to the school.

There, he shot out the glass near the front door and then went inside armed with an assault rifle and two handguns.

After shooting the principal and another staff member, he turned left toward the first-graders, where he shot and killed 20 students and four more adults. CBS is reporting that first responders spotted Adam Lanza at the end of the hallway, ducking from view.

It was at that point he used one of the handguns and took his own life by shooting himself in the head.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is still very much involved in the investigation by visiting local gun shops and shooting ranges, searching for any clues that may lead investigators to a possible motive of the shooting.

Investigators are still trying to get a better sense of who Adam Lanza was.

Adam Lanza was considered socially awkward and an outcast, according to Richard Novia, who used to work in security for the Newtown School District.

"Adam was a boy, very different from his older brother," he said. "He was withdrawn most often, shy and basically scared of the world around him. He had some disorders."

Novia said Nancy Lanza was very involved in Adam Lanza's education by volunteering at school all the time.

"They were great people. Mrs. Lanza was uh ... God that's so tragic," he said. "She was a fantastic parent. She was a good mother, who pretty much doted over her boys."

Eyewitness News learned Adam Lanza did undergo some sort of psychiatric evaluation sometime within the past few years. The evaluation was not court ordered.

Eyewitness News checked court records to see if there were any requests by family to have Adam Lanza committed to a mental health hospital. Court clerks told Eyewitness News if there was a request, it would not be public record.

Investigators are working to talk to the doctor who performed that evaluation and track down any paperwork.

On Wednesday, investigators spent the day at the family's home on Yoganada Street and removed some boxes from the residence.

"First, let me offer my praise to our teachers and school staff. They became first responders to unimaginable chaos and violence. Their actions under fire to protect the children inspire us all," said Newtown Police Chief Michael K. Kehoe in his first statement since the shooting. "Equally inspiring was the courage of our children in helping their classmates. Our police, fire, and emergency medical personnel reacted quickly and without hesitation, rapidly responding to Sandy Hook Elementary School."

Kehoe said Newtown police are working with state and federal authorities on the case "to thoroughly and professionally analyze all aspects of this crime as we seek answers."

Novia said he was surprised by the deadly rampage that left 20 children and seven adults, including Adam Lanza's mother, dead.

"He had some social disorders, poor personal skills," Novia said. "We felt strongly he could develop. He was highly intelligent, but how do you inject him in the system and develop him socially?"

Novia was not able to give specifics about the killer's specific condition, but said Adam Lanza did not have any violent tendencies.

"In a security aspect, it wouldn't be what he would do," he said. "It was what they might do to him."

Memorials continue to grow in town as students go back to school except for the children at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and a basketball game will be held Wednesday night.

"I would like to reassure the people of Newtown that our schools are safe. The staff of Sandy Hook Elementary School had taken all reasonable precautions to provide a safe learning environment to the faculty and students of the school," Kehoe said. "Those precautions clearly saved lives."

Cheering fans and the school spirit of that basketball game may be what Newtown needs to help cope with the immense sadness - baby steps toward restoring some form of normalcy.

"We just want to get back to normal as soon as we can," one resident said.

Sandy Hook Elementary School children with their parents were able to go see their temporary building in Monroe Wednesday. A policeman walked the halls with the families, according to the Monroe town Facebook page.

"All I can say is they were all very happy to be getting 'their stuff back,'" the town Facebook page stated.

The town said the students were excited to see their classrooms which had a lot of the furniture their old school had.

In 2009, Adam Lanza's parents divorced. Eyewitness News learned that Adam Lanza and his father stopped communicating about a year after the divorce.

Investigators are talking to both Adam Lanza's father and brother.

Novia told Eyewitness News that he is having trouble figuring out what caused Adam Lanza to do this.

"It's hard to swallow," he said. "It's hard to make sense of."

State police released a statement Wednesday which informed the media that no further information was to be released at this time.

The shooting investigation is expected to last months.

"The Newtown Police Department will work with our community partners to restore a sense of security and normalcy to Newtown," Kehoe said. "Our law enforcement professionals are committed to helping the community through this difficult period. It is my honor to be associated with such fine people."

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