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After Newtown shooting, La. representative proposes lock box for firearms

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The tragedy in Newtown, Conn., has touched many people's lives here in the ArkLaTex.

Now, Louisiana Rep. Barbara Norton is taking steps to do something about it.

She plans to draft legislation in response to the shooting to ensure that nothing like that happens here.

The legislation would dictate where people could keep or store their guns.

Norton believes that if it is more difficult for someone to steal a gun, then these acts of violence could be prevented.

"In that legislation, all gun owners will have to secure their guns, keep them locked up or keep them in a secure place, where they are locked up," Norton says.

Norton met with law enforcement officials, parents, and educators to discuss possible prevention methods to keep senseless acts like that from happening in Louisiana.

Norton says it is not restricting people's rights to own or buy guns. But, if passed, the measure would require gun owners to keep their firearms locked up.

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