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Dec. 13th: KSLA News 12 We've Got Mail Editorial

Over the past three weeks, I've received all this mail. It's from charitable organizations wanting my wife and me to donate.

We got two of these, each envelope containing a dime. This one is from a cancer center. This one from a religious charity. This one included Christmas cards. I guarantee when I go home tonight and check the mail there will be two or three more waiting on me.

Now, I'm sure all these organizations do a great job and they all need money to continue their work. Sending out tons of mail must be the best way for them to raise funds or they wouldn't do it.

But here's my suggestion, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of charitable organizations right here in the ArkLaTex that are also in need of donations. Especially at this time of year when most of us are in a giving mood. Consider helping the local food bank, donating to united way, sending money to the women's shelter, even giving blood. Charity does begin at home.

I'm James Smith.

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