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Dec. 17th: KSLA News 12 BP Promises Editorial

In the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster off the coast of Louisiana, the huge oil company, BP, promised to make things right.

That promise included addressing environmental issues and helping families and businesses impacted by the oil spill. Now, U.S. Senator Daivd Vitter has another way BP can make things right. It turns out BP is currently bidding out work for the expansion of a production platform off Louisiana's coast.

Vitter says BP should have Louisiana companies and Louisiana workers building that platform.

The senator says BP has already contracted for the hull to be built in Finland. Transporting the hull goes to a Dutch firm and the engineering contract has gone to British engineers.

Vitter points out the rest of the project, being bid on now, is huge and has the potential to employ 2,000 Louisiana workers. I believe Senator Vitter is absolutely correct. BP should do the right thing and award the remaining contracts to Louisiana companies.

I'm James Smith.

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