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School resource officer reacts to CT shootings


Bossier Sheriff's Deputy Butch Smith said as his students at Benton High School walked through the doors Monday morning he couldn't help but think of the students at Sandy Hook  Elementary. As a school resource officer kids safety is his top priority. Day to day he responds to fights and mentors students, but he says he's always prepared to respond to a more drastic threat.

"By having an armed officer ready to respond to an immediate dangerous situation, you cut minutes off of the time that person would have to cause harm on a campus," said Smith.

Bossier schools have resource officers in all middle and high schools, but right now there isn't enough money to put them in the elementary schools. Smith says after Friday's shooting he thinks it is something Bossier Parish will consider.

The State of Louisiana is also working to make sure all teachers and school staff feel prepared to deal with an attack. 

"We can make sure that every teacher and every principal has all of the tools they need and all of the planning and support they need to make sure that if something even remotely like that happens they know the right thing to do. They can protect themselves and protect their kids," said State Superintendent of Education John White.

Smith would like to see one change made. He would support teachers or administrators being able to get trained to carry a gun at school.

"If it's in the hands of the right person it's an asset not a liability. If something happened to me it would be a good to know that someone else close by such as an administrator could possibly come in and end that situation," said Smith.

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