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What will Sunday's sermon bring following the tragedy from Newtown?


As the nation tries to cope with the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, many will look for answers or comfort in their churches on Sunday morning.

Pastors around the nation have rewritten their sermons to address the tragedy that has affected this country, families and children. 

One East Texas pastor said the sermon he had already prepared, could not come at a more appropriate time. 

"We typically remember Mary as the mother of Jesus and what a wonderful thing that must have been, but we sometimes forget that she was a pregnant teenage girl who was not married at the time and that must have been very difficult for her," explained Wes Crawford, pastor of Glenwood Church of Christ in Tyler.

"In the midst of that moment we have this prayer that she offered, the Magnificat. That is full of praise and full of blessing and anticipation of God and remembering the great things that God's done in the past," Crawford explained.

It is a lesson he prepared before Friday's events, a lesson to remember that in the midst of tragedy, God is there and he has always been there.

"We are in a world full of evil, full of destructive power and so many questions out there. We have a God that comes and rescues us. God is not responsible for this tragedy. Evil is in the world, it's always been in the world," Crawford explained. 

This is a lesson he will not only offer his congregation, but his children as well.

"This moment, like many other moments, are teachable. We can sit down and explain what took place. Let them understand, let them ask questions; be honest with them, but I think also provide some reassurance to them. Mom and Dad love you and God loves you and we are going to protect you in any way that we can," he said.

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