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ArkLaTex parents talk about Conn. Shooting


Parents across the nation are questioning how to talk to their children about Friday's tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut.

"I know that there is not a parent in America that does not feel the overwhelming grief that I do," said President Obama in a news conference on Friday. 

That same grief is being felt by Shreveport parent Mike Smith. As smith plays with his three daughters he tell KSLA News 12 that he is still trying to figure out how to talk about Friday's tragedy with his kids.

"She doesn't need to see such graphic things, and if she asks a question about it I am going to be honest," says Smith.

Professionals suggest these tips:
• Be specific in your answers
• Use comforting words
• Embrace their emotions
• Don't force the discussion

"If you make it seem like it is something that needs to be discussed, the more your child will get the idea that it is something that they need to be upset or distressed or fearful of," says Shannon Bruno, Ph.D. with the Family Psychology and Counseling Center of Shreveport.

Professionals also suggest, being as supportive as possible and assuring them of their safety.

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