New street repairs in 2013?

New street repairs in 2013?

Complaining Shreveport residents may have one less thing to gripe about in 2013. City council members say road improvement projects will begin construction this coming year, but some council members and even Mayor Cedric Glover are not satisfied.

"They are terrible, pot holes, sink holes," says Shreveport resident Roy Kelly. Kelly says one of his rim tires was busted riding down a city street.

Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover took to twitter on Tuesday, saying "Shreveport needs increased capital dollars to fix streets like Linwood, Jewella, Hollywood, Kings Highway, Audrey Lane, and many others."

From the 2013 Shreveport City Budget $10 million is set aside to do asphalt overlay on city streets.

"Citizens are going to see a lot of asphalt being poured, and a lot of concrete being poured, and a lot of dirt being turned in 2013," says City Council member Sam Jenkins.

The $175 million bond issue of 2011 will give each council member $3 million to spend on streets within their district, but Mayor Glover points out that streets like Linwood may go untouched.

Glover tweeted on Tuesday, "The 2011 Bond Issue is the largest allocation in over a decade, and it still won't do a thing for horrible roads like Linwood."

"If we are ever going to get to the point where we are going to replace these major streets and repair these major streets we are going to need a major revenue source that's going to be for a number of years," says City Council member Michael Corbin.

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