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'Rock Star' help for our homeless

Latest Fuller Center for Housing home in Bossier City Latest Fuller Center for Housing home in Bossier City

Legendary rock star Roger Waters, the founding member of Pink Floyd, is dedicating $300,000 to help local homeless veterans. The surprising news was made official during a recent visit from a member of Waters' management team.

"I've been looking for something like this for two years," says Jim Durning, Waters' brother in law and part of the rocker's management team. Durning says the Roger Waters Foundation, along with the non profit One Small House, has been building homes in Mexico and Haiti. Now they want to do the same for veterans, beginning in the Shreveport Bossier area.

"They want to invest in an organization where they know the money is going to help people," brags Lee Jeter, director of the Fuller Center for Affordable Housing.

The Fuller Center has built nearly four dozen homes across Shreveport, including their first in Bossier City earlier this year.

The Fuller Center works closely with the Veterans of America, The VA Hospital and The Renesting Project to help many of our area's homeless.

The VOA helps transitions homeless veterans by assisting them with medical care, jobs and providing temporary housing. Through a strong network of volunteers and donations, The Fuller Center then builds an affordable home for families in need. The non profit, The Renesting Project, steps in to help furnish the home.

Jeter adds, "I think when they look at the whole picture, they said here's an organization that has everything in place to make a project work."

The Fuller Center will use the money to build at least 5 new homes in Shreveport's Cedar Grove and Stoner Hill neighborhoods. They hope to also build a 6th home in Bossier City, exclusively for veterans.

Durning says Waters is anti-war, but very much pro soldier.

"One thing about the military, not that I've served or anything, but you don't leave anyone on the battle field. You have to go back and help the guy behind you," says Durning.

The new battlefield for homeless veterans is now the streets.

"These people from New York and New Jersey, came to our town and spend money and bring volunteers to our town. They care about our people, our veterans," says Jeter.

Construction on the Fuller Center homes should begin in January.

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