Explo fires back in lawsuit

Explo fires back in lawsuit

CAMP MINDEN, LA (KSLA) - We requested court documents from the Webster Parish Courthouse where a class action lawsuit against Explo Inc. was recently filed.

The documents show that Doyline residents have filed a lawsuit for property damage, loss of business, and a number of other losses related to the evacuation that took place following the discovery of what Louisiana State Police called improperly stored material at the Explo site on Camp Minden property.

Just fewer than 372,000 pounds of product was removed from the site on Wednesday, bringing the nine-day total to more than 3 million pounds moved. The material has been described as highly flammable.

KSLA News 12 hasn't been able to reach Explo, so this court document is the first response we've seen from the company concerning the incident.

The class action suit plaintiffs state that because evidence is being removed from the site, it's important that the attorneys be allowed to go on site to document and inspect the material.

They claim having no other alternative to securing and preserving the evidence, considering it's being moved by law enforcement.

Plaintiffs want to document the October 15th explosion site, the millions of pounds of materials recently discovered that were the cause of the current evacuation, the storage containers, and documentation at the site describing the explosives.

One of the attorneys for the class action lawsuit, Kyle Robinson said Tuesday night during a meeting in Doyline, that to date, the onsite inspection has not happened.

"The court is not allowing us to get out there we certainly respect the courts position and we certainly don't want to interfere with the work the state police the ATF, and the Sheriff's Office are doing," said Robinson.

In Explo's argument as to why attorney's shouldn't be allowed on site, Explo describes the request as "extraordinary", and says the request "..cites no legal authority for such an inspection", and it goes on to point out that "Aerial photographs from news outlets alone will provide much of the requested information."

The lawsuit which is said to potentially include hundreds of plaintiffs was filed at the Webster Parish Courthouse on November 29.

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