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Redlick, Tx. family loses house to fire as they shop with cops

A Redlick, Texas house, home to two children, burned to the ground Tuesday morning as the kids were participating with local police in a Shop With Cops program, leaving the children with nothing just two weeks from Christmas.
Both children have been in state protective custody and were released Tuesday afternoon to the custody of their grandmother.
"It's almost a total loss. They had no insurance whatsoever, so it's a total loss for them," says John Alquist, Assistant Fire Chief, C-5 Department.
The children live with their grandparents, who were told of the fire shortly after arriving for the shopping spree. They did not tell the girls until later.
"The children, I think, need to enjoy what they had this morning. God has blessed them with this," says Detra Patterson, grandmother.
Fire officials got the call about 8 a.m., and the house had been fully engulfed in flames when they arrived.
The family said they experienced a power failure about 5 a.m. after a tree fell on a power line. The power was restored after the family left home.
"We think it was a space heater inside the house, ... and when the power came back on, and that is where we think the fire had started," Alquist says.
Anthony Patterson, the girls' grandfather, says he is thankful that everyone is alive.
"It happened as soon as we left, so thank the lord for Shop for  a Cop," Patterson says.
If you would like to help this family, then contact the Bowie County Child Welfare Department at 903-748-6741.
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