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Texarkana shelter offers blankets to the homeless


One homeless shelter in Texarkana, Texas is offering blankets to homeless people in the area who have to brace the below-freezing temperatures this winter.

"Yeah, I believe it is going to get pretty cold tonight," says volunteer Jason Ororke.

Volunteers at Randy Sams Outreach Center in Texarkana were collecting blankets Monday in preparation for a cold night in the ArkLaTex.

"We prepare all year for the cold weather because we realize that is when it's so dangerous for anyone to be outside," says Jennifer Lorance, Director of the Randy Sams Outreach Center.

Ororke is not only a volunteer but also a resident of the Texarkana shelter. Ororke says he knows first hand about how important blankets and coats can bee.

"About a year ago, I lived on the street after my father died. I lived in the woods, right across the street from Randy Sams," Ororke says.

Randy Sams can provide shelter for 86 people. The shelter is nearly full as of Monday morning, Lorance says.

"If anyone can't be inside, we are trying to provide them with a blanket, a coat, a hat or something to protect them from the elements," Lorance says.

Randy Sams could always use more blankets to help not only the homeless but also those in the area without sufficient heat in their homes.

"I guess if it wasn't for Randy Sams, providing the extra blankets and jackets I needed, I probably would have froze to death," Ororke says.

If you would like to donate a blanket, you can call Randy Sams at 903-792-7024.

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