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Rescue mission shelter braces for winter homeless

The Highway 80 rescue mission is preparing to take in any and all the come looking to get in from the cold.

"They just come in with a back pack or just the clothes on their back. We do have plenty of clothes and plenty of space available," says mission contact supervisor Mike Bryan.

In years past , the mission has been filled to the brim , sleeping dozens on floor mats when all beds were taken.

"If we don't have room in our dorm room we move people out to our lobby where we provide mats and blankets and we prepare food three times a day. Years ago I walked through that door myself. And I came through that door and it provided everything I needed," Bryan says.

Mission directors say that no one will be turned away for any reason because of the cold weather.

"At anytime , we are willing to help anybody, in any way we can," he says.

Many live in the fringe of our cities and towns, choosing the woods and isolation from others.

"A lot of the people that come in they camp out normally there's woods around there and people have tents and stuff. Most of them are withdrawn from the world and withdrawn from society," says mission resident Gary York.

The mission is asking for public donations of food , to help with the influx of people during the cold weather.

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