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Flu-like symptoms? Get it checked out


Chance Sprague has flu-like symptoms but doesn't know yet if it's the real thing.

"I think I just have a cold but it might be the flu. Hopefully not." he says.

More than 25 people with in similar condition came to Christus St. Michael Hospital in Texarkana, Texas just this past week for treatment of flu-like symptoms.

Doctors at Christus say that they are seeing patient numbers that normally occur during January or February.

So, now is the time for people to take precautions against the flu virus, says Dr. Nicholas Stienour.

The best precaution is getting a flu vaccination, Stienour says. And if you think you have the flue, waste no time in getting treatment.

Stienour says you might have the flu if your symptoms include "fevers, cough, sore throat, runny nose, muscles aches throughout. In children, they tend to get some nausea and vomiting with it."

There is no cure for the flu but there are medications that can help to keep the virus from turning into something worse -- like pneumonia.

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