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Doyline residents get OK to return home


Doyline residents got the all clear from authorities this afternoon, and the roads into town were reopened.

Now, residents just want to forget about what's happened during the past several days.

KSLA News 12 visited with residents on Friday, and many of them were sitting back and enjoying some prep basketball at Doyline High School. The occasion marks the first time that people in the community have come together since the evacuation.

"It's good to be back home, be back in Doyline where ... our kids being back together," one Doyline resident said before the game.

A KSLA reporter witnessed residents hugging each other, cheering, sharing and enjoying the good mood.

Officials have halted clean-up for the weekend and plan to resume on Monday. But they say that residents are safe because the propellant has been secured and packed in different groups.

KSLA will continue coverage of this story throughout the weekend and on Monday.

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