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Cafeteria Report Card: Harrison County elementary schools

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Every Monday morning we check behind the kitchen doors of your children's school cafeterias to make sure the food they are served is safe to eat. It's time for this week's cafeteria report card. This week we are grilling Harrison County elementary school cafeterias. Like most of the other schools in this county, they had a long menu of perfect scores; but one school didn't quite make the cut. Elysian Fields Elementary School let us inside their kitchen to show us how they cleaned up.

Elysian Fields Elementary School had 1 critical and 1 non-critical violation. Their critical violation is that chicken nuggets were not held at the safe hot temperature. "I had a warmer that has a temperature gage on the warmer but the health inspector also wanted a temperature gage on the inside of the warmer and we have put one on both of those" Cafeteria Manager, Kathy Edwards, says. That violation was corrected. "It's very important when we cook our food, that we take temperatures, before we set it out on the line, that the temperatures are 145 degrees or above and then we also temp during serving time to make sure they are holding their temperatures, we don't want our food going into the danger zone and make any of our little kids sick" Edwards says.

Their 1 non-critical violation is that their 3-compartment sink was not sanitizing correctly. Edwards says they have cleaned up their act and are dishing out food that is safe for these kids to sink their teeth into.  "When we first get here, we sanitize all of our counter tops, spray, clean, and sanitize. We do that in the morning, after serving, during serving, and at the end of the day" Edwards says.

Every other elementary school in Harrison County fired up flawless inspections. Hallsville North Elementary, South Marshall Elementary, William B. Travis Elementary, Karnack Elementary, J.H. Moore Elementary, St. Joseph School, Hallsville Head Start, Hallsville East Elementary, David Crockett Elementary, G.W. Carver Elementary, Robert E. Lee Elementary, and Washington Early Childhood all impressed health inspectors with zero violations.

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