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Bigfoot hunter to build blimp to aid in search

Photo Source: CNN Photo Source: CNN

(CNN) - An Idaho professor is planning a search for Bigfoot and he's building a new aircraft to help him find the legendary creature.

With the help of a Utah based company, Jeff Meldrum says he'll soon build a bigfoot blimp to try to track down the legendary creature.

Meldrum says the Zeppelin will be state of the art. Filled with high tech equipment, and infrared cameras that will give researchers the best possible chance of spotting a Sasquatch.

Of course, before the airship has it's maiden voyage it has to be built. Meldrum says the money to put it together will come from private donations. Beyond the more attention grabbing goal of finding bigfoot, Meldrum says the planned aircraft has many other possible uses.

Meldrum says he's planning on getting construction started within the next few months and have it in the air by the end of the spring.

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