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Evacuation end equals beginning of Doyline residents' financial woes


Officials announced Thursday that the evacuation for Doyline residents may be lifted by Friday at noon, but for many residents the end of the evacuation may only be the beginning to financial problems.

The city of Doyline has been under an evacuation notice since last Friday when the Louisiana State Police and Explo System, Inc employees first started to the process of safely storing more than 6 million pounds of M6 propellant.

"All my customers can't get on the highway because the highway is closed. So it's mandatory that I had to close," says Powell Grocery owner Ray Powell.

The store sits on Hwy. 164, just down the street from a road block into the city, and has been closed since the evacuation has started. Each day the store stays 'Closed', Powell is counting his loses. But he also is making a plan to take action against Explo Systems, Inc.

"I've had three lawyers come see me so far and I am in the process of filing a lawsuit," says Powell.

A lawsuit has been filed by the Bossier City law office of Robinson and Williams, but not all of the Doyline residents are considering jumping on board.

"I'm not eager to sue somebody, just not my personality," says Doyline resident Bridgette Watson.

Watson says evacuating the city placed her in a unexpected financial bind right before the holiday season.

"I had to pack up for me and my two kids, I had to leave my home, I had to worry about where I am going to stay, how are we going to eat, do I have the money for this," says Watson.

The evacuation notice is expected to be lifted by Friday at noon. The Webster Parish Sheriff's office will end all of the road closures that have been in place at the same time.

School will remain closed Friday, but classes will be back in session starting Monday.

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