Lease agreement for Explo and Camp Minden

KSLA News 12 obtained lease agreements between Explo and Camp Minden.

Three contracts were filed at the Webster Parish Courthouse over the course of the last five years. The original five- year contract which was signed back in January of 2008 was set to expire in January of 2013. However, two new leases that were filed back in August of this year will expire in 2017, and 2019. They are for two different properties at Camp Minden.

Under the Conditions section the contracts state that the lessee shall comply with all federal, state and local rules, regulations and ordinances for sewer, sanitation, fire, safety, transportation and environmental compliance.

The contract goes on to say that if any of the conditions are violated, and not fixed within a certain number of days, the lease can be terminated.

We put a call into Camp Minden to find out if that has happened, we're told, "to date, no." 

But we're also told that the outcome of the ongoing investigation, currently being carried out by Louisiana State Police, will likely dictate what happens with these leases.

As part of the investigation, Louisiana state police would like to talk to the owners of Explo, but still have not been able to reach them.

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