Golden Apple Award winner: Jason Ogunyemi

Golden Apple Award winner: Jason Ogunyemi

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - In Jason Ogunyemi's classroom, the kids learn in different ways.

"I try to have fun with the kids, because so much of school the kids already think it's boring," he said.

Sometimes the students play games, sometimes Mr. O uses music, and sometimes they stomp.

"Stomping is done in colleges. It promotes team work. It gives them an outlet to beat and dance and just have a little fun," said Ogunyemi.

This year, 28 5th graders joined his stomp club. It's something they enjoy, and to stay in it they have to keep up their grades and have good behavior.

"If I see a student in the hallway not acting right for another teacher or for me, I just kind of remind them that's not how a stomp team member behaves," said Ogunyemi.

His wife, Amy, says he never stops working, "He comes home, he's doing lesson plans, he's thinking about his kids today, and the kids of the future."

Another way Ogunyemi hopes to engage his kids is through technology. He plans to use his Golden Apple Award prize money to buy an ipad for his class because he knows when they're having fun, the kids are more likely to learn.

Ogunyemi won the weekly Golden Apple Award for teaching excellence. The award comes with a $500 prize from the sponsor, The Kirby Kelly Law Firm.

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