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Awkward gifting happens to everyone

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) - 'Tis the season to gift, but when receiving we all know sometimes things can get a little awkward. did a random sampling of American adults, and put together a list of some of the most awkward gifts ever received.

The survey showed 41% reported they have re-gifted an item, meaning they have received a gift from someone and given it to a different person as a gift.

Somebody has to get those second-hand gifts, and 35% questioned said they've received what they believed to be a re-gifted item.

When asked what was the most awkward gift they have ever given or received, U.S. adults said the following:

  • Gift card with the name of the person who just gave it to me in the "to" section.
  • A bag of dog food.  I own a cat.
  • Bowling ball from my in-laws. I hate bowling.
  • Bracelet with someone else's name on it.
  • 3 expired bottles of BBQ sauce.
  • Nose hair clipper.
  • Condoms and a cheese steak.
  • A gift card with a zero balance.
  • Plunger.
  • 5 quarts of oil and a filter for my car.
  • Workout videos.
  • An answering machine for a land line phone. I don't have a land line phone.
  • Woman's sweater. I'm a man.
  • The whole Beverly Hillbillies series on VHS tapes.
  • Set of jumper cables.

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