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What's the secret to turning 106? Chocolate, says birthday girl


It's a quiet day at the Love house, but that's exactly how the birthday girl, 106-year-old Louise Love, wants it.

"They gave me a big party on my 100th birthday, and they've asked every birthday since then if I wanted another big party, but I have not. I sure wanted it to just be at home today with just my folks," said Louise.

Louise simply had lunch on Friday to celebrate being 106, a number she says still surprises her.

"The years have gone by so fast," said Louise. "I really just hardly believe I am 106. I can't remember when I grew up."

So what's her secret? Love says it's not medicine or exercise. Instead, she swears by a tiny treat.

"My doctor finally told me get a good box of chocolate and let it be dark and eat a piece every day. And I have done that, and maybe more than one piece a day," Love adds.

Born in 1906, Louise has seen a lot of change, and she wishes some things from her childhood were still the same.

"They had families that lived together and enjoyed each other and thought about other people other than their one day that they are living in. People don't live ahead now, they just, what they want right today is what they want," Louise said.

Love and her husband moved into their East Texas house in 1948. Her husband has since passed away, and she now lives alone. Louise's friend and caretaker of more than 20 years says she is still a very independent and honest woman.

"She's just like my mother. She'll tell you what she doesn't like," said Sally McAlister.

Louise says the biggest lesson she has learned over all of these years it to have patience.

"Everybody's different and it's hard to really like everybody but if you let yourself you see the best in everybody and it's all different," said Louise.

Louise jokes with her friends about reaching 110, but says she does not have any big birthday plans for the future.

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