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Trust company: Several buyers interested in GM plant

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Another major milestone is unfolding at the former General Motors plant in Shreveport.  On Friday, GM officially hands over the keys to the court-created trust that now owns the property. That's the easy part. The hard part is still to come: Finding a new buyer.

To that end, everything regarding the sale of the property is being kept confidential. That includes the names of potential buyers, to even the listed price.  But Racer Trust says they have several interested parties.  And we're told it could have a new owner by this time next year.

Ever since Racer Trust took ownership of the GM plant in march of 2011, marketing got underway to find a buyer for the 3.1-million square foot facility.  Bruce Rasher, Racer Trust's Redevelopment Manager told us, "We've been contacted probably by about a dozen prospects for, not the entire facility, but portions of the facility."

Rasher says the most likely buyer of the former GM plant will renovate the facility, separate it into different areas and then lease out those areas to different companies, making it what's referred to as a multi-tenant facility.  Rasher continued, "no buyer would acquire a property this size without having users."

In the meantime, this giant facility lays dormant, once home to three thousand paid employees.  It's a place that turned out 8.8 million vehicles since it officially opened 31 years ago, in 1981.  But, by the day of the last worker shift on August 28th of this year, that workforce had dwindled to just 800-people.

But even their departure was felt by area businesses.  "Well, I've been really monitoring it and it's between, you know, ten, fifteen percent," said Mark Jones.  He's operated the Chevron gas station a mile away from the plant for the past 27 years. 

Jones is the first to tell you he misses having the plant, and its employees, nearby.  And lately, he's heard rumor after rumor about what could be in store for the former GM property in the future.  "Man, we're anxious to get somebody, something out there, that's for sure.  It sure is a nice facility and the, all the roads have been built up, West 70th has been four-laned and it sure looks like it would be a good site for somebody."

Bruce Rasher confirms that some of the 'interested parties' do include carmakers, along with other manufacturing companies.  But everything is being kept very quiet, and confidential, for now.
 We'll keep you posted.

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