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College increases police patrols after Gwinnett County student found dead


Valdosta State University has increased police patrols after the death of Jasmine "Jazzie" Benjamin.

Benjamin is the college student from Lawrenceville who was found dead at the university a week ago. She graduated from Central Gwinnett High School last year.

Valdosta Police Cmdr. Brian Childress said they have talked to several people, but are speaking with at least one person Monday that has what they believe has "critical" information. 

Benjamin's parents never imagined she'd go off to college and not return home.

"Long, stressful. It's been very up and down, angry, sad, angry, frustrated," stepfather James Jackson said.

James and Judith Jackson search for answers about what happened to Benjamin.

"Who, what, when, why, how, who was around her. Those last few hours or where was she at," James Jackson said.

Benjamin was found last Sunday in a common area of her on-campus dorm. Her parents were told she had been dead for at least 12 hours.

The last time her mom spoke to her was Friday, Nov. 16.

"She had a trip she wanted to go on, that Sunday she passed, and she asked for extra money," mom Judith Jackson said.

Judith Jackson told Benjamin she loved her.

They said they are trying not to let their emotions get the best of them. 

"I was crying out of frustration and anger, just upset, going through the emotions of taking it into my own hands. I know that's not possible or an option, but that's what happens the longer it goes on. You drive yourself crazy," James Jackson said.

And so they wait. Valdosta police are investigating the nursing student's death as a homicide, that she died at the hands of another, but right now they aren't calling Benjamin's death a murder. They don't have any suspects.

"We want answers. This family needs closure. It's extremely tough when you don't know when you don't have answers," James Jackson said.

Benjamin would have turned 18 Saturday, Dec. 1. 

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