Thankful for life

Thankful for life

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Josh Lesneiwski and his sister Lori usually spend Thanksgiving with family, but this year they decided to volunteer at the Salvation Army instead because this Thanksgiving is different.

It's different from last year when they spent most of their time in a hospital room after Josh fell off a ladder.

"Thirty foot fall. I fell on concrete and broke my back and my head. Broke my head open in 3 places," he said.

"Following his accident there was just an outpouring of support and love and money and everything they needed," said Lori.

This Thanksgiving is different than any holiday season before that, because Josh says that accident changed his perspective, "They're just that much more important to you because you really are thankful for so much more around the holiday time."

It hasn't been easy. After the accident doctors didn't think Josh would live. Then, he spent almost a year in the hospital. He still struggles with his long road to recovery.

"It's like growing up all over again. You have to start over just like a child and learn how to do things again, except harder," said Josh.

Last year friends and family held a "Miracles for Josh" 5k race to raise money for his medical care. Now, he hopes to make the 5k and annual event to help raise money for others with disabilities.

This week Josh took his first steps since the accident, but even if he never walks again he says he would be ok with that, too. His accident taught him to appreciate everything as a gift, and for that he is thankful.

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