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Caterer puts Twinkies in his turkeys

NEW YORK (CNN) - The fate of the Twinkie has been much in the news lately, but as Thanksgiving approaches, one New York caterer is giving thanks by putting Twinkies in his turkey.  

What do you get when you combine a turkey with a bunch of twinkies?

I'm not kidding. I'm serious.  

In a turkey... actually tastes good. Tasty!

No, it's not what you think. Caterer butch Yamali's mom didn't shove whole twinkies up a turkey. That would be turkey molestation. But because butch and his brother didn't like turkey and did like twinkies, their mom concocted what we're calling turtwinkie
It made us eat the turkey.

Here's the recipe. De-creme your Twinkies.

When we're breaking down the Twinkies we reserve the cream, sweet, has the sugar in it... we rub the turkey with that.  
Thus creating a Twinkie filling glaze. Next crumble the golden sponge cake into regular stuffing. For a pan this size they added about 10 twinkies.

It's not fully Twinkie... if it was all Twinkie it'd be a little too sweet, he said.

Stuff and cook the bird. Voila. The presentation took place at Kennedy's Restaurant on New York's 57th St.

And what about that lovely Twinkie-glazed skin?
"It caramelizes so nice."

Again, delicious but hard to detect the Twinkie. It's a lot more subtle than delicacies like deep fried Twinkies.

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