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ETX State Rep. wants to allow Ten Commandments in schools


An East Texas State Representative has filed a bill in Austin to allow schools to display the Ten Commandments.

Representative Dan Flynn (R-Van) filed House Bill 51 last week that would prohibit a school district's board of trustees from denying the posting of the Ten Commandments in a classroom.


"I believe that the majority of American people and families in my area appreciate nice, clean guidelines," Rep. Flynn said. "You know, you walk in to the Supreme Court and the United States Capitol and there's the scroll of the Ten Commandments. You know, out here on the state capitol of Texas, the Supreme Court just said that we could put it there. So why can't we have it displayed in our public schools, where young people can see it as a great guideline of how they can live their lives?"


The bill only applies to public schools and would take effect in the 2013-2014 school year, if passed by the Texas Legislature.

Flynn said that posting the Commandments would help a rising discipline problem in the school system. Even though his bill could face steep opposition due to the fear of a lawsuit against it, Flynn said he does not see what people would object to in the Commandments. 

"Don't steal... Don't cheat... Don't kill. You know, which one could you be opposed to?" Flynn said.

The state representative for Van Zandt, Hopkins and Hunt Counties said he filed the bill after residents in his district told him it would be a good idea to get into schools.

The 83rd Legislative Session starts on January 8, 2013 in Austin.

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