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Camping out for televisions


Black Friday is almost here, but for some it already is here; at least the wait in line is.

In Longview a few who just have to have that deal have fashioned temporary homes right outside the front door of Best Buy.

Ahhh, camping. It's nice to get away from it all and just enjoy nature's bounteous parking lot. Well, at least it's bug-free.

And it's pretty quiet, except for distant traffic. There is no movement in the tents. I hate to wake them up at the crack of nine, but news doesn't sleep in.

"Good morning," I said when someone finally unzipped the tent.

Tyler Foster, Tabitha Neumann, and Andy Martin are camping in line, and have been since Sunday.

"I'm getting a 50 inch TV for $400, a couple of games, a new PS 3, and maybe some upgrades for my computer," Tyler said.

"I think I'm going to get dishonored," Andy said.

He shouldn't be so hard on himself.

"The ten-gallon coffee maker or the USB leaf-blower," Tabitha said.

Wow. They have awesome stuff at Best Buy.

Actually, as you may have guessed, Tabitha is doing this for fun and may buy a few gifts. Tyler is taking advantage of the sales for himself, and has before. Andy is along for the ride, even though they aren't going anywhere for a while.

"This is my fifth year, I think," Tyler revealed.

"At Best Buy?" I asked him.

"At Best Buy," he answered.

"The only problem is when it starts raining, but we have that covered with cinder blocks in the tent, so it doesn't fall over like it almost did last year," Tyler said.

They also have food and a grill and power…and rules.

"You don't buy anything for anybody you don't know. If one of your friends comes they have to stay at least one night," Tyler stated.

I'm wondering who gets stuck watching the tent when the store opens.

Best Buy opens at midnight Thanksgiving Day.

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