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Cafeteria Report Card: Harrison County high schools


It's time for this week's cafeteria report card. Every week KSLA News 12 is grilling an area school cafeteria to make sure the food your kids are served is safe to eat. This week, we checked behind the kitchen doors of Harrison County, Texas high schools. There is a lot of good news out of that district, only one high school had violations.

Elysian High School had 3 violations. The dishwasher was not maintaining a hot enough temperature. The dishwasher also was not sanitizing properly. Their last violation is that the thermometers in the warmers and in the ice-cream box were not calibrated properly.

Now to the good news. Waskom, Karnack, Harleton, Hallsville, and Marshall high schools all cooked up 0 violations. Marshall High let us peek behind their kitchen doors to see how they keep that perfect score.

"It's very important to keep your kitchens clean and sanitized because we serve so many children" Cafeteria Manager Ladeane Alexander says.  "We don't want anyone to get sick or anything" Alexander says. Cross contamination is always a big concern but the Marshall High crew has the procedure down. "Raw food is stored on the bottom and then we have a separate freezer where we keep our lettuce and produce in and our cheese. We have a walk in cooler where we keep our foods, and if there's anything we prepare for the day it goes in our front cooler here, and we also have a freezer outside." Alexander says.  Keeping clean goes beyond where the food is placed, it all starts with how it is handled. "When you report to work in the morning you must have your hairnet on, its part of your dress up. Anything you prepare, you change your gloves in between each step, process, whatever we prepare between each step we change our gloves" Alexander says.

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