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Doctor treats Iranian patient with rare tumor


A local doctor treats a woman from Iran, giving her a second lease on life after removing a large tumor.

Rohan Vaziri, 23, traveled to Shreveport from Iran in hopes that a tumor that has plagued her since she was born could be removed.

"The tumor growing bigger and bigger, and she was hopeless," says Willis-Knighton Surgeon Hosein Shokouh-Amiri.

Amiri first met Rohan on a mission trip to Iran when he first learned of her condition. A non-cancerous tumor grew from her spine into her stomach, putting pressure on her organs. Dr. Rohan decided he could treat Rohan, but only if she made the trip to Shreveport.

After hearing Rohan's story, Jim Elrod, President and C.E.O of Willis-Knighton Health Systems agreed to pay for the operation and travel expenses.

"It is great for me. The greatest opportunity. It's a miracle for me," says Rohan.

With the surgery now complete, Rohan has a new lease on life.

Rohan will stay in Shreveport for the next month recovering before returning to Iran.

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