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Customers sad to see Twinkies go


It's the end of an era, the era of the Twinkie.

Hostess Brand announced Friday that following a labor dispute it would close the doors, and sell assets effectively putting more than 18 thousand people out of work.

Store owners and customers were sad to hear that those who provided those snacks for decades were out of work, and that the all- American snacks would be out of stock.

"So I lose my Twinkies because of a union meeting?" asked Petie Tisbie with a smirk on his face. To him, it hardly seems right. He's been buying Hostess Brand snacks from Maggio Grocery in Bossier City for as long as he can remember.

"I'm about to go buy another pack," said Tisbie as he stuffed the last bite of a Twinkie in his mouth.

It's been an American icon for decades, but Friday the Twinkie and other iconic snacks became casualties of failed labor negotiations.

When asked what he would say to those in charge of the negotiations Tisbie said "Well I feel like I don't get it, it's a Twinkie. It's been around since before I was here I guess."

"We hate to lose it, but I can't believe all the jobs that are going to be lost too," said Vince Maggio, owner of Maggio Grocery.

Out of the 18,000 jobs lost from all over the country – 15 employees reportedly came from the Holsum Distribution Center on Viking Drive in Bossier City.

Maggio Grocery will not only lose Twinkies and cupcakes, but the store will also lose all of the Holsum bread, and will have to find another distributor to fill those shelves.

"It's part of America, yes it is, it's been here forever. I'm 51 and it's older than me," said Maggio.

The hostess company is 80 years old, and Twinkie itself has prompted jokes about its own longevity.     

But it appears the Twinkie does have an expiration date - sadly, it's today.

In January Hostess Brand filed for bankruptcy for a second time. This month union workers announced a strike. The company responded with another announcement that it would liquidate its assets because it did not have the financial resources to weather an extended strike.  

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