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Unemployed ArkLaTex vets attend Texarkana job fair


Many people, including veterans here in the ArkLaTex, continue to look for jobs. But efforts continue to provide opportunities.

A job fair was held Thursday in Texarkana, Texas, and KSLA spoke with veterans about what the job fair meant to them.

"There are a lot of veterans out here needing a job," says Chris Breashears, a vet who a moment away from filling out applications to speak with us.

"So far, things are going alright, and I've got a couple of leads, so we will see what will happen."

The employment opportunities for veterans was sponsored by Workforce Solutions of Northeast Texas.

"Veterans have done so much for us by serving their country and making sacrifices for us. This is a small part we can do to help them re-enter the workforce," says Amy Poe of Workforce Solutions.

"The civilian world and military world is two different things, and it has been an adjustment for everybody that I know," Breashears says.

This might explain why Poe says that the unemployment rate for veterans is higher than for the general public. And, for young veterans such Adrian Cornell, the rate is even higher.

"It doesn't matter what I put on my application as far as me being a veteran, seems like I still can't get hired anywhere," Cornell says.

There were 65 companies represented at the job fair promoting at least 250 jobs that Workforce Solutions says is available in the Texarkana area.

"There are a lot of us out here still needing work, and sometime it is hard, especially because of the economy," says veteran Edwin Betts.

Another veteran, Deborah McLaughlin, is thankful for the opportunity to look for work.

"The Texas Workforce has stepped out and stepped to the plate, and they are the ones who have put for this effort. And we appreciate it very much," McLaughlin says.

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