Robertson family talks about how Duck Dynasty changed their lives

Robertson family talks about how Duck Dynasty changed their lives

Last November KSLA News 12 traveled to West Monroe to interview the Robertson family for a story. While we were there they told us they were starting a new reality show called Duck Dynasty. Little did we know it would be such a success. We went back a year later to see how life has changed for the family since the show.

"I'm definitely more recognized now. It's hard to get around but it's fun," said Willie Robertson, CEO of Duck Commander, the company the show is based around.

A&E's Duck Dynasty has quickly become the network's No. 1 rated program. The show features the self-proclaimed redneck family made famous by a duck call. The second season debuted last month.

"We had high expectations for season two, as did the network, but really when it first aired was when we were crossing our fingers and saying I hope people like this," said Willie,

Nearly four million viewers seemed to "like" the show enough to tune in for the season two premiere, making the Robertson's one of the most popular families on television.

"Our lives have to be a lot more planned out than they used to be," said Korie Robertson, wife of Willie and a cast member on the show. "We can't just spontaneously go somewhere. Every day is accounted for."

The family is in the middle of filming the rest of season two which is slated to air 26 episodes.

"I think people having favorite lines and different characters are a reflection of the show because we're all different," said Jase Robertson, brother of Willie and cast member. "Even though most of us are family we have completely different personalities. That's why the show works."

Jase's wife Missy, who is also on the show, said Duck Dynasty portrays how the family is in real life.

"It's just the way they are. It's the way they've always been."

The family said they laugh at each other all the time, especially Uncle Si, who is a favorite on the program.

"He is identical to how he is all the time. He can't pronounce most words and he doesn't care, which is funny."

Most of the world had never heard of Si before last year. He is the crazy Uncle known for his war stories and grammatically incorrect one liners. His slogan's cover most of the t-shirts found inside the retail store at the company warehouse which was nothing more than a simple conference room during our first interview last year. The demand for merchandise forced the Roberton's to add the shop along with several new offices and dozens of employees.

Yet, the duck call is still the most popular selling product.

"They're buying duck calls because they get to get a piece of the duck commander. They see the calls made on the show," said Willie.

Jase wears a scar on his palm from making those duck calls. They are a reminder of the multi-million dollar business. For years the Robertson brothers would help their dad, Phil, put together duck calls inside their home.

"Phil would always tell us big stories about where we were going. We were going to sell $1 million worth one day. We were so poor that it sounded like a good option," said Willie.

"I think they think that our wives married us for our money but when we got married we didn't have any money and we had the beards," said Jase.

As for talks of a season three, it seems it's more of a matter of when and not if that happens.